Letter From Vicky

Vicky B. True

I have always strived to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle – one that included being involved in my community – and it kicked into high gear when I had children. I found myself reading labels, buying organic, asking questions about how and where products are made, and wanting to know that the companies I was supporting with my consumer dollars were good at their core.
When I stepped out of the fast-paced retail/corporate world a few years ago to spend more time with my family (3 children and my husband), friends joked that my next venture would be to start “Mothers Against TransFats” – and this was before “transfats” was a well-known word and sparked a movement for a more healthy lifestyle.
I started Better World B2B because I selfishly wanted to be able to buy cool, responsibly-made products at the mainstream stores I shop at locally. I also wanted to use my retail background to help some really good, lesser-known vendors find a bigger audience. There is lots of data out there that shows consumers want to buy quality, responsibly made products (like Fair Trade goods), but they need to be able to find them easily, and trust them. I knew I could help.
At my house, we are far from perfect, but we are taking some conscious steps. We’ve banned plastic water bottles; I remember to pull my reusable grocery bags out of my trunk 80% of the time at the grocery store; and my kids (even my 8-year old!) read labels and pass on the really bad stuff like partially hydrogenated oils, food dyes, high-fructose corn syrup. My children are becoming savvy consumers that expect more and have a social awareness that didn’t exist when I was growing up.
The next generation pushes us to do better by them. That’s what motivated me to start Better World B2B, and what motivates me every single day: to live better, to improve the future for my children, my community, and my planet.

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