Better World B2B becomes your guide and advocate as you navigate through every step of the process of breaking into a large retail channel, mass-merchandising, or big-box retailers. We help you identify what makes your products stand out; how to best position your products; develop a brand with staying power in the consumer marketplace; and strategizing and executing a go-to-market and distribution strategy.

We represent your company and products to some of the world’s leading retailers, in face-to-face meetings, presentations, and other correspondence. As part of the Better World B2B array of product offerings, you are in the company of other highly reputable Fair Trade and socially responsible vendors, maximizing your visibility and reach.

  • Guides the presentation and pricing process
  • Evaluates product performance
  • Assists with meeting packaging requirements, will connect you with packaging experts
  • Develops go-to-market strategy
  • Provides presentation and correspondence coaching
  • Arranges and facilitates vendor/ retailer introductions and meetings
  • Accompanies and advocates for you during the retailer presentation and follow-up negotiations

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